10 Things to Know Before You Buy Your First Stock

Here are 10 things all investors should keep in mind while getting ready to buy their first stock.

  1. Price of the stock (Buy Low & Sell High)
  2. Market Cap
  3. Institution/Mutual Fund Ownership
  4. Technical Chart (2 Yr or 5 Yr)
  5. Bar Chart Rating (www.barchart.com)
  6. Look at Company Website
  7. Number of  Company Employees
  8. 90 Day Average Volume
  9. Analyst Opinons /Ratings
  10. Cash Flow Statement

Stocks to Invest in INDIA

Ticker Name Last Price
RASOYPR.NS Rasoya Proteins Limited 0.2
VISESHINFO.NS MPS Infotecnics Limited 0.2
REIAGROLTD.NS REI Agro Limited 0.5
KGL.NS Karuturi Global Limited 1.5
PRAKASHSTL.NS Prakash Steelage Limited 1.6
SUJANAUNI.NS Neulands Global Industries Limited 1.65
ANKITMETAL.NS Ankit Metal & Power Limited 2
SHRENUJ.NS Shrenuj & Company Limited 2.55
VIVIDHA.NS Visagar Polytex Limited 2.6
RTNINFRA.NS RattanIndia Infrastructure Limited 3.05
SUNDARAM.NS Sundaram Multi Pap Limited 3.7
ALOKTEXT.NS Alok Industries Limited 3.75
GAMMNINFRA.NS Gammon Infrastructure Projects Limited 3.95
SURANAIND.NS Surana Industries Limited 4.05
LITL.NS Lanco Infratech Limited 4.1
ESL.NS Electrosteel Steels Limited 4.4
GTLINFRA.NS GTL Infrastructure Limited 4.45
SUPREMETEX.NS Supreme Tex Mart Limited 4.75
PRAKASHCON.NS Prakash Constrowell Limited 4.95
NAGAROIL.NS Nagarjuna Oil Refinery Limited 5.15
RAINBOWPAP.NS Rainbow Papers Limited 5.25
3IINFOTECH.NS 3i Infotech Limited 5.55
PVP.NS PVP Ventures Limited 5.6
UNITECH.NS Unitech Limited 6.05
TTML.NS Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited 6.35
SRSLTD.NS SRS Limited 6.25
JPPOWER.NS Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited 6.35
GVKPIL.NS GVK Power & Infrastructure Limited 6.6
ASSAMCO.NS Assam Company India Limited 6.95
OISL.NS OCL Iron & Steel Limited 7.1
SANWARIA.NS Sanwaria Agro Oils Limited 7.45
INDOSOLAR.NS Indosolar Limited 7.65
RTNPOWER.NS RattanIndia Power Limited 7.9
SITASHREE.NS Sita Shree Food Products Limited 7.9
MOSERBAER.NS Moser Baer India Limited 7.8
LYCOS.NS Lycos Internet Limited 7.95
CASTEXTECH.NS Castex Technologies Limited 8.25
NITESHEST.NS Nitesh Estates Limited 9.05
SHARONBIO.NS Sharon Bio-Medicine Ltd. 8.95
JYOTISTRUC.NS Jyoti Structures Limited 9.95
HINDMOTORS.NS Hindustan Motors Limited 10.25
OPTOCIRCUI.NS Opto Circuits (India) Ltd 10.65
EDUCOMP.NS Educomp Solutions Limited 11.25
SUNILHITEC.NS Sunil Hitech Engineers Limited 12.85
JPINFRATEC.NS Jaypee Infratech Limited 11.5
SUBEX.NS Subex Limited 11.5
GAL.NS Gyscoal Alloys Limited 12.55
USHERAGRO.NS Usher Agro Limited 12.7
DIGJAMLTD.NS Digjam Ltd. 13.5
GAMMONIND.NS Gammon India Limited 13.05
LML.NS LML Limited 13.55
NOIDATOLL.NS Noida Toll Bridge Company Limited 13.35
PRATIBHA.NS Pratibha Industries Limited 13.75
ANDHRACEMT.NS Andhra Cements Limited 13.8
NAGAFERT.NS Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited 14.2
MIRCELECTR.NS MIRC Electronics Limited 14.25
JPASSOCIAT.NS Jaiprakash Associates Limited 13.9
GMRINFRA.NS GMR Infrastructure Limited 14.1
PARSVNATH.NS Parsvnath Developers Limited 14.35
MIC.NS MIC Electronics Limited 14.5
RANASUG.NS Rana Sugars Limited 15.05
HFCL.NS Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited 14.9
MSPL.NS MSP Steel & Power Limited 16.1
SUZLON.NS Suzlon Energy Limited 16
BURNPUR.NS Burnpur Cement Limited 16
BAJAJHIND.NS Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Limited 16.55
BALLARPUR.NS Ballarpur Industries Limited 16.3
MADRASFERT.NS Madras Fertilizers Limited 16.65
VIKASECO.NS Vikas EcoTech Limited 16.75
RENUKA.NS Shree Renuka Sugars Limited 16.9
KSK.NS KSK Energy Ventures Limited 17
ANSALAPI.NS Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Limited 16.9
HOTELEELA.NS Hotel Leelaventure Limited 17.6
GTL.NS GTL Limited 17.55
ROLLT.NS Rollatainers Limited 18
PENINLAND.NS Peninsula Land Limited 17.95
USHAMART.NS Usha Martin Limited 18.3
INVENTURE.NS Inventure Growth & Securities Limited 19.6√

Rule 72


72 / interest rate =  Years to double your money.

Let’s say bank gives 9% interest rate annually on fixed deposit. If you open $1000 fixed deposit account, your account will double in 8 years as for 72 rule below.

72/9 (Interest rate)= 8 (Years)

Sucess Mantra 15

Keep watch your long-term stocks. Keep track them on company press releases (PR) and on company special events.  Remember, world economy and national economy events also affect your stock price.

Success Mantra 13 – Money Talks; Bullshit Walks

  • Money is what we receive for investing energy (work). Bullshit costs nothing, though it might sound good, but has no real concern. At the end of the day, it’s investment of energy that really accomplishes things- or REALLY TALKS. Bullshitters make themselves sound good, and then walk on.
  • Money Talks; Bullshit Walks -Good politicians are those that provide the infrastructure to make something work that really achieve results. those that just talk the talk about various issues, all too often to make themselves sound good without achieving anything.
Source: Urban Dictionary